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MEP EP#46: First Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special

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Runtime Part A: (37:51)
Runtime Part B: (26:04)
Runtime Part C: (35:08)
Runtime Part D: (27:23)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • Part A
    • Vehicles of Star Wars
      • Tie Fighters: Twin Ion Engine. This tech exists but its super low power but efficient.
      • Hovercraft and levitation. Land speeders, Pod Racers, Repulsor Lift technology. Magnetic levitation?
      • Power: Fission batteries? A AA battery weighs around 23g. Convert it all to energy e=mc^2 and you get 2 quintillion Joules of power. 2,067,136,911,094,680,572 Joules to be precise.
      • 16 Teslas to levitate a frog. This consumed 4MW of energy according to the paper. A “common frog” weighs 22.7g. Compact car weighs about 1200kg. So that is 211,453 and some change MW or Joules per second. 8.4million Teslas.  This is 211,453,000,000 Watts. A Fission AA battery could power this for 9,775,869seconds or around 113 Days.
    • Weapons of Star Wars
      • Death Star
        • Cost of Steel alone would be $852 quadrillion which is 13,000 times the worlds GDP.
        • How much steel required to make it? It is 160km in diameter and they modeled the Death Star to have a density similar to a modern warship. Which gives us 1.08×1015 tonnes of steel. World wide production of steel is 1.3 billion tonnes a year which will take over 800K years to make enough steel.
        • Thats no moon. Speaking of the size. Earths moon is 3,474km. Smallest moon in our solar system is Methone which orbits Saturn with a diameter of ~3km.
        • How much energy would be required to blow up a Planet? Earth would require 2.24 × 10^32 Joules to blow apart the gravitational binding energy of the Earth if you consider it a uniform sphere. In 1 second the Sun generates 3.8 x 10^26 Joules. Which means in 589,473 seconds or about 6.8 days worth of energy. Gives a reason behind Star Killer Base.
      • Star Killer Base
        • Its not as silly as people make it out to be in comparison to a Death Star.
        • Energy gathered from a Sun? How would that work?
  • Part B
    • Weapons of Star Wars (continued)
      • Light Sabers
        • Elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Lots of mystical lore surrounding this weapon.
        • Force aligned crystals are necessary for their construction.
        • How would the blade be created? Plasma? Use EM fields to constrain it.
      • Blasters
        • They are not laser weapons! This is why the projectiles do not travel at the speed of light.
          • Gas cartridge and a power cell.
          • 400-500 shots per charge.
          • Gas can be mostly anything but typically is Tibanna – a naturally gas found on Bespin home of cloud city. The gas is created by Beldons huge gas filled creatures. Tibanna is also used as hyperdrive coolant.
  • Part C
    • Light Speed Travel
      • Faster then light travel in Star Wars is accomplished by transporting the vessel to near light speed and then jumping to a “Hyper Space” dimension where faster then light travel is possible.
      • In our universe an almost infinite amount of energy is required to go light speed.
      •  Possible if this “Hyper Space” is worm hole tunneling.
    • Prosthetics
      • Mechanics exist to make them work.
      • General Grievous.
      • Really great prosthetics but crappy looking trashcan robots exist in the same universe.
    • The “Force”
      • The force is actually the main character of SW. That’s why prequels suck.
      • It’s expressed in the Skywalker family as the balance of the force. The Skywalkers will be the unbalance AND balance in the force.
      • Fundamental problem with midichlorians – turns a mystic ‘non-scientific’ phenomenon into high school organic chemistry, but makes the force worthy of science or tech discussion.
      • Force as consciousness.
      • Is the “Force” possibility the control over dark matter/energy? 70% of the universe is supposedly dark matter/energy. Possible that The First Order from EP7 that they can control Dark Energy via the Star Killer Base and being able to stop light sabers.
  • Part D
    • RFO
      • What is your favorite Star Wars Character?
        • Organic?
        • Robot?
      • Favorite sound effect?
      • The prequels? Do they exist?
      • Why do some Jedi disappear after dying and others don’t?
      • What are we excited or concerned about most in the new Rogue One movie?

Figure 1: First Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special!
Figure 1: First Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special!
Figure 2: A Death Star topped Christmas tree.
Figure 2: A Death Star topped Christmas tree.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!