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MEP EP#42: Two Brothers of MacroFab

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Runtime: (55:33)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

Brandon Knight
Justin Knight

Podcast Notes

  • Justin Knight and Brandon Knight talk a bit about their background and how they got into technology and startups. They have always worked together on projects and at companies. See Figure 1.
  • Justin is the Vice President of Operations at MacroFab.
  • Brandon is the Director of Customer Success at MacroFab.
  • The Houston Maker Faire was a lot of fun for Brandon and Parker. Lots of MacroFab’s customers where there showing off their new products. See Figure 2 for a signing fish.
  • Another Kind of Cloud: The Internet of Farts. A geolocating fart tracker with food logs. Brandon thinks it should be able to measure the intensity of the fart as well.
  • Crowd Source your funding. Crowdfunding site Indiegogo has partnered with equity crowdfunding startup Microventures to allow anyone to invest in startups. Parker thinks this is basically allowing people to invest in companies that could not get funding in a traditional way through venture capitalists which will lead to lots of people losing their investments. Venture capitalism into companies is one of the hardest investments to make a profit from where only a few groups actually outperform traditional investments.
  • Macs Don’t have replaceable harddrives now. What happens when the computer dies and you need to pull off data?

Figure 1: Brandon and Justin Knight.
Figure 1: Brandon and Justin Knight.


Figure 2: Self balancing singing fish robot found at the Houston Maker Faire.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!