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MEP EP#39: Maniacal Moving

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Runtime: (29:33)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • As mentioned in last week’s episode, MacroFab is moving to a new location this week (See Figure 1).
  • Parker is going to hack his Jeep’s radio this weekend with a Bluetooth audio board. Parker is using this board found on Amazon (See Figure 2).
  • Parker goofed on making the podcast notes and had that NXP was buying out Qualcomm. It is actually the other way around. Set for a $39 bill buy out.
  • Botnet Recall of Things. This is a continuation of the IoT DDOS attacks that have been happening this past couple weeks. Commentator “anszom” in the Hack A Day comment thread had a really good idea.
    • 1. Write a bot attacking the vulnerable devices. It doesn’t seem very difficult
      2. Our new bot either simply bricks the device or changes the default password to a random one
      3. Problem “solved’ 🙂
  • Stephen and Parker think they need to make designers and programmers of IoT devices accountable for security. Maybe implement a CE/FCC emissions and ESD testing for hardware. Can a security test be standardized across multiple platforms?

New manufacturing floor while moving in.
Figure 1: New manufacturing floor while moving in.
Parker's radio hack idea.
Figure 2: Parker’s radio hack idea.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!