MEP EP#360: Current Conscience Comparator

Podcast Notes

Framework, Noctua, and other brands add official 3D models to Printables

  • Prusa Research’s “Printables” website added a new section called “Brands”
  • Manufacturers and OEMs can upload verified models for their products

CNC Update

  • All of the fasteners arrive this week along with the aluminum extrusions
  • Build weekend
  • Developed a 3d printable cable tie for 4040 t-slots
    • 3d prints with planned bending sections
    • Other than iteration and experience is there a way to design this?
    • Elastic deformation in the area that we want – avoid plastic deformation on stress-strain curve
  • Will be printing along with the spray system from episode 354

The Return of the Cat Feeder Unreminder

  • MAX9019 Comparator Oscillator
  • Low power design considerations
    • Consider every current path for leakage current
  • Super Capacitor Leakage Comparison
    • DSF505Q6R0JBG
      • 5F at 6VDC
      • 40uA leakage
    • HSL0814-3R8106-R
      • 10F at 3.8VDC 
      • 2.0-3.0uA leakage
  • Get the timer working 
    • LTC2956-1
    • 0.8uA
    • Use the enable output to switch between what segments are being driven on the TN LCD
  • DG419 signal switcher

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!