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MEP EP#36: Cloud Net

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Runtime: (30:01)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • First podcast and the first recording in the “Bomb Shelter” (name pending – See Figure 1).
  • Parker is working on an adjustable fixture to work along with the Jig Of Destiny that is currently being used. It will have an adjustable slide to fit multiple panel sizes.
  • The Macro_Duino has been fixed. Parker tied the FT230X‘s VCCIO to the 3.3V output on the FT230X which is the standard way to do it. The I/O on the FT230X is 5V tolerant so this should be good. The 3.3V regulator on the chip can supply 50mA if you are daring enough to hook some external circuits up to it.
  • Parker’s AVR Tag Connect article came out. Go check it out.
  • Stephen has continued his work on his “Synth Engine” that he started while his wife was in surgery last week. Arduino stuff is working well!
  • However the Arduino wasn’t working well enough to get high speed frequencies so Stephen moved to the AD9833 – a 28 bit frequency divider. He put a 1Mhz clock generator (ECS-2100AX-1.0MHZ) and can get up to 0.004Hz resolution (See Figure 2).
  • Cadsoft Released Eagle 7.7 which is the first version since the AutoDesk acquisition. Check out the Patch notes. Interesting things are the new licensing options and the signal names on the traces in the layout editor.
  • Arduino V. Arduino – Arduino LLC and Arduino SRL are battling for the Arduino trademark. Has and settled things once and for all? Thats a lot of Arduinos in the last couple sentences.
  • Yup more Arduinos. They are running a Kickstarter called the ESLOV IoT Invention Kit. Why does an established company need to run a Kickstarter?
  • IoT devices take over the internet with botnets! 150,000 IoT devices are behind the 1Tbps DDoS attack on OVH Hosting. Most are security IP cameras. IP cameras have been around a lot longer then the buzz term IoT.

New recording Studio.
Figure 1: New recording studio. Work in Progress!

Stephen's test of the AD9833.
Figure 2: Stephen’s test of the AD9833.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!