MEP EP#358: The Social Media Nightmare

Podcast Notes

Porsche’s synthetic gasoline factory comes online today in Chile

  • Way back on episode 265 (Feb 2021) we talked about this announcement from Porsche.
  • Production
    • 34,000 gallons (130,000 L) a year
    • 14.5 million gallons (55 million L) a year by 2024
    • 145 million gallons (550 million L) a year by 2026
  • Wind power to electrolysis water into hydrogen and oxygen
    • The hydrogen is then combined with carbon captured from the air or industrial sources to synthesize methanol
    • Then be converted into longer hydrocarbons to be used as fuel
    • Recycling CO2 in the air
  • Is this the future of current Internal Combustion Engines?
    • Direct drop in for normal gasoline
    • “Carbon Neutral” way to run your classic car

Chip manufacturing equipment sales record in 2022

  • Record fab constructions have driven total semiconductor manufacturing equipment sales to cross the $100 billion mark for a second straight year
  • Chips Act is $280 billion. 
    • China, Taiwan and Korea are projected to remain the top three destinations for equipment spending in 2022.
  • Most of this money is going towards Wafer Manufacturing Equipment with a focus on wafers for logic / active components like microcontrollers

Why The Computer Company Raspberry Pi’s New Hire Caused A Social Media Firestorm

  • Hired an ex–police officer, Toby Roberts, as its maker-in-residence. 
  • “I was a Technical Surveillance Officer for 15 years, so I built stuff to hide video, audio, and other covert gear”

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!