MEP EP#357: Seventh Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special – We’re the Rebel Codebreakers!

Podcast Notes

Spoilers for recent Star Wars shows like Andor included for free!

This Year’s Guests

  • Josh Rozier
    • A business intelligence and data analytics professional for a large, east-coast insurance monolith.
    • In his spare time, Roz spends his time building and tweaking guitar amplifiers and pedals.
    • Co-owner of Empire Engineering with Stephen.
  • Chris Kraft
    • A tinkerer currently working as a software engineer in the financial services industry.
    • Extensive background in 3d printing and building anything that seems interesting.
  • Hyr0n
    • A systems engineer.
    • Hardware hacker of AND!XOR, a group that builds electronic badges for conferences and designs embedded system puzzles.


  • Latest in Star Wars Media
  • Stephen’s Topic
    • A hammerhead corvette was able to move an entire star destroyer in Rogue 1. Is this even possible?
    • Given the movie footage, are the acceleration and velocity values reasonable?
    • Does the corvette have the thrust to do this?
    • What does this mean for other battles?
  • Hyr0n’s, Roz’s, and Chris’ Topic
    • Andor Widget Productivity analysis.
    • The Andor Post Credit scene… we see what those racks (parabolic facet joints) are for.
    • How many Superlaser Focus Lens facet joints are needed for Death Star?
    • How long would it take Narkina 5 prisoners to produce that many?
  • Parker
    • Star Wars Episode: ai
    • Using ChatGPT3 to write a better Star Wars Movie than Disney can
    • Will have an opening crawl and 4 acts
    • Each person will have a roll in the script

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!