MEP EP#356: Don’t Let AI Brew Your Beer

Podcast Notes

PDA – Parkers Death Amp

  • Going to do a restoration on it and a recover
  • Need to get rid of the death parts
  • Some scary stuff after looking at the schematic

Chat GPT-3

  • AI computer model for conversations / text generation
  • People have been putting assembly into and and asking for notes on what the code does
  • The AI sounds very sure of itself when giving completely wrong answers
  • Suggested as a replacement for general internet searching
    • How do you know what data it is pulling from or if it is even correct?
    • Could push us further down the slope on the reduction of critical thinking in our society
    • Reduction of solid researching skills
  • “What connector should I use for my power distribution module”

CNC update:

  • Anodized parts for the brackets are completed
  • Extruded aluminum for the strand is on order
  • Going to be a while till another update

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!