MEP EP#348: AVRDUDE All The Way Down

Podcast Notes

November 5, 2022 – Extra Life

  • Content for the stream
  • API for Extralife
  • Custom plugin that goes to a Duke Nukem Sound Board
  • Trying to get it to play gifs 
  • Working with Open Broadcast Software now

Live podcast Nov 22 in Houston

Microchip woes?

  • Microchip has got back to us about the firmware – no issues on their end
  • Suggested using the command line interface
  • Originally thought pullups on the reset line but they are not needed
    • Tried them with no luck

Jeep Prop Fan 

  • Recently talked about designing a PCM (Power Control Module)
  • Essentially control all the none engine related functions in a car
  • Need a new name since it’s not for the Jeep nor uses the Parallax Propeller
  • Raspberry pi pico
    • Do we do Arduino style C or Micro Python?
      • Micro Python will be cool to try out!
    • PIO will be used for controlling reactionary lights
      • Turn signals
      • Headlights
  • Solid State Relays are EXPENSIVE
    • Mosfets for sure
    • H-Bridge for bi-directional motors
  • Combine with OCTOPROBER?

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!