MEP EP#345: The Hot List of Tasty Chip Fabs

Podcast Notes

Pool Shark Update!

Wolfspeed fab for NC is latest on CHIPS Act list

  • 668,000 domestic manufacturing jobs
  • Global Unemployment. Do we have enough people for this?
  • What technology are they aiming for?

Here’s the latest hot list of cool chip fabs coming to the US

  • GlobalFoundries
    • 180nm down to 12nm
  • Intel
    • Ohio
    • New Mexico
    • Arizona
  • Micron
    • Memory Chips
  • Samsung
    • High end computing
  • Texas Instruments
    • 45nm+ analog, embedded electronics
    • Articles say it will complement other factories already in Texas
  • TSMC
    • 5nm
  • Wolfspeed
    • Worlds largest silicon carbide manufacturing facility
    • Much higher power devices with higher voltage capabilities due to large band gap

Failure Friday – Break something at the office this week? We want to hear about it!

  • Billed the wrong phase of a project
  • Dry air means static buildup, I don’t think my 3v test circuit appreciated being a path to ground :’-(
  • I ran over a 3D printer with a forklift
  • Saw a customer supplied “napkin sketch” that stated 12’x12″ (12 feet x 12 inches).
    • “I read it as 12 inches x 12 inches, product was cut to that size.”
    • Customer was not happy
  • Sparky sparky boom boom

What to do to make your open source project more accessible – or more popular

  • Use popular tool chains and environments for ease of access
    • If the tool chain is not simple to install, offer a docker or really good instructions
    • Document your process and have someone test your instructions!
  • Cherish all feedback
  • If someone has a problem, do not say “works for me”
    • They may have found an edge case to fix!

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!