MEP EP#343: Bricking Bad

Podcast Notes

Bricking Microcontroller – Watch those fuses

  • Pic, AVR, STM
  • Atmel ATXMEGA16A4U
  • AVR studio and microchip studio

Air Filter / Canister

  • Long Running Project between Chris Kraft and Parker
  • Mods on the red Jeep necessitated moving the original air cleaner
  • First design was all 3D printed around 2016 / 2017
    • This is right around when 3D printing large objects like this started to get fessable on a hobby printer
    • PLA glass fiber
    • Worked but the material couldn’t handle the underhood temperatures
  • Second design was welded together out of steel
    • Material was due to tool and cost constraints
    • Working to this day
    • Used a filter that is not manufactured anymore
  • Third design is a combination of everything Parker has learned about 3d printing
    • Polycarbonate seems to hold up in under engine bay temperatures
      • Endcaps printed in this material
      • Heat set brass inserts for screws
    • Aluminum mounting brackets for 3” hoses 
    • Carbon fiber for the main body

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!