MEP EP#342: Hackery Experts

Podcast Notes


  • Mathematician
  • Computer Scientist
  • AND!XOR employee of the month
  • Working on badges and things Hackery

Previous Podcast Episodes


  • Its a watch, with some watch things, hacker apps (TV B Gone, BLE Interrogator), Games, & Challenge
  • Give them away for free at DEF CON following sponsorship from companies and philanthropists.
  • Off the shelf device with hacked firmware
  • But how did we get there?
    • A story of supply chain woes
    • Original Watch idea – supply chain issues and crazy costs / quantity buy requirements
    • Look at consumer watches we could hack (PineTime, then LilyGo)
  • It wasnt just software, a true micropython implementation was done for firmware
  • Always interested in python
    • We always lived in a C world
    • Makes hacking it easier for end user
  • Micropython vs Circuit Python
  • The Hacking Challenge – BENDER 
  • Flashing Party – Things you should think about – i.e. Design for Drunk Hacker Production
    • You’re going to do the same thing thousands of times, what do we automate?
    • Loop script for provisioning
    • Push bare minimum over serial, then use wifi to complete
    • Turning screen green once flash done and charge at 100%
  • Other thoughts?
    • Really different than what we do, was really fun
    • People like bling more than function, but …


Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!