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MEP EP#34: Ghost Hunting with Centex Paranormal

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Runtime: (28:06)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

Michael Lyons

Podcast Notes

  • Michael Lyons of Centex Paranormal pays us a visit. Centex Paranormal is based out of Austin, Texas. They design ghost hunting equipment (See Figure 1).
  • New product out, EDI+. Has SD card data logging, humidity, air pressure, and all the data can be graphed onto a computer.
  • Michael is using the BME280 sensor humidity and pressure sensor by Bosch. Datasheet can be found here.
  • The EDI+ runs off of a STM32 ARM MCU where as the original EDI ran off a MSP-430.
  • Michael did not know what he wanted to do in college so he just took some Electrical Engineering classes. He says he got “lucky”.
  • Stephen got into electronics when his mother bought him a Gakken ex-150. Parker got into electronics by fixing old Atari consoles.
  • MakerBot releases their 6th generation of 3D printers.
  • The STM32 ARM MCU that Michael Lyons uses on the EDI+ has interesting markings. It has two “pin one indicators” on the package molding but only one is marked in the datasheet’s mechanical drawing. See page 75 of the datasheet (Figure 2).
  • Silicon Labs is releasing something on Sept. 28. Parker thinks it might be a “Sensor Bee”.

Michael Lyons and his EDI+
Figure 1: Michael Lyons showing off his EDI+ ghost detector.

STM32 example.
Figure 2: STM32 with two markings on the molding but only one marked in the datasheet.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro mashup!