MEP EP#337: CSV File Woes

Podcast Notes

Project Snackey

  • Input Firmware is completed
  • Output Firmware is skeltonized/frameworked
  • Need to add a “Power Good” signal
    • Auxiliary circuits need software resets on power cycling
    • Due to how Arduino hardware/software works

The Dangers of Basing your Project on Someone Else’s

  • ExtractModel
  • Fortran
  • No Github
  • One CSV file change causes script to break
  • Is it really broken?
  • What to do?

DIY Meat Smoker Ideas

  • ~$1600 for the smoker body “round” part
  • Currently 534lbs

JWST sends its first official photos

  • Incredible engineering feat
  • Had to start with “what do we need to invent” to make this

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!