MEP EP#336: Heirloom Documentation

Podcast Notes


  • The right way to do instructions
  • Full table of contents
  • Broken out into sections. The ref designators match the section
    • Build
    • Test
  • At the end is a full calibration section
    • Section for logging your calibration values
  • A whole section for building enclosures and wiring
  • dos4ever.com

Project Snackey

  • PCBA completed!
  • Smoke monster is still contained within the circuit
  • Wrapping up the wiring inside the machine before moving onto code
  • Installed a kiosk receipt printer where the coin return used to be and got it working
  • Microswitches – The fidget spinner for electrical engineers?

DIY Meat Smoker Ideas?

  • Introducing the Low Poly Smoker!

Nvidia could spend $10 billion to secure RTX 4000 components

  • Hold there place in line at TSMC?

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!