MEP EP#335: Your Toaster is Toast

Podcast Notes

Project: Diff Probe

  • Circuit Cellar design
  • Hack a Day project
  • Active Differential probe with 600V Common mode and 600V differential mode
  • Measure virtually any two points. No need for ground reference.
  • Perhaps a battery system with a boost converter?
  • Excuse to finally use that 3d printer to make a case
  • Basically all precision components

UtracerV6 enclosure

  • Decided to make an enclosure that better suits my use case
  • Stripped down from last time. It does not need all the bells and whistles from last time.
  • Fixed sockets
  • FTDI and SMPS for 6.3V and 19.5V

EOL: The Chip Shortage You Don’t See Coming

  • Instant obsolescence
  • No phase-out period 
    • Foundries are booked three years out
    • Suppliers are working on their most profitable lines and filling standing orders
    • New fabs coming online won’t be buying old wafer equipment
    • New foundries will be making new parts
  • Avoiding instant obsolescence
    • What parts are more readily available and are continuity coming back into stock
    • Look at the market segments using the components you need 
    • Put out orders for the components that you need regardless of lead times. 

Ask and Engineer on MIT website

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!