MEP EP#332: This Podcast Intentionally Left Blank

Podcast Notes

USB-C will be mandatory for phones sold in the EU ‘by autumn 2024’

  • The rule will apply to other electronic devices including tablets, digital cameras, headphones, handheld video game consoles, and e-readers
  • Laptops will have to comply with the rule at a later date

Stretching Stainless Stencils? PART 2

  • Continuation of last weeks topic
  • Ended up being that ⅓ of the panels had poor copper registration from the PCB manufacturer

Project: SNACKEY

  • PCBs ordered from OshPark
  • Parts ordered from Mouser
  • Drop in Mosfets to replace TIP 102 and TIP 107?
    • IRL510 for N-channel
    • IXTP76P10T for P-channel

Time to Say Goodbye, Floppotron 2.0

Prep your boards!

  • Some things to consider when preparing your designs to send to your CM
    • Part placement
    • Edge is the wrong place to put parts for many many reasons
    • Leave room for fiducials
    • Provide a Stackup – we are regularly asked for that
    • File naming – use a common naming system or provide info on which files are which
    • Do no provide every layer your EDA tool exports, some are blank!

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!