MEP EP#331: The PCB Plague

Podcast Notes

Neutrik EtherCON Ruggedized RJ45

  • Lockable RJ45 cable within an XLR style housing
  • Also come in a sealed version that offers IP65 rating

Interesting PCB failures

Effect of Moon Phase on Tombstoning

  • Many factors play a role in the overall outcome of PCB assembly, especially when very small components are involved. Broadly speaking, tombstoning is a problem with very small 2-pin components (0201 caps and such) and we’ve filtered out the following challenges:
  • – proper paste application
  • – component placement
  • – designing for “good” thermal properties of the PCB with regard to tombstoning
  • – moon phase

Stretching Stainless Stencils? Oddity Today

  • Interesting manufacturing defect surfacing
  • Stencil “stretches” ever couple panels or so
  • Anyone ever seen or experienced this before?
  • Solutions? Next Steps?

Project: SNACKEY

  • Hacking a USI/Vendnet/FSI 3159
  • Theory of how a snack machine works
  • Interesting Parts
    • UCN5890A
    • UCN5842A
    • SC529136CFN2
    • M48T18-100PC1
  • What I am doing to hack it
    • Motor control
      • High/Low side transistors
      • Might change this to mosfets to reduce voltage drop
    • Arduino all the things
    • Current sensing
      • INA219 High side sensing

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!