MEP EP#328: Berry Based Physics with Collin Anderson

Podcast Notes


Collin Anderson

  • Computer scientist turned electrical engineer
  • Has worked on things as varied as:
    • Quantum key distribution at Los Alamos National Laboratory
    • A tool to help decipher glyphs of the classical Mayan civilization
    • FPGA firmware at the Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory
  • Currently an engineer and co-founder of Orthogonal Systems
    • An engineering and software development firm specializing in:
      • Custom test & measurement hardware
      • Databases
      • Data analysis

What are Particles Really?

  • Thinking of sub atomic objects as particles muddies the water
  • Starting with an understanding of wave theory
  • Knowing particles are waves, the weirdness is less weird

Electron Standing Waves

  • Current flow is more like a sound pressure wave
  • Each electron is kinda doing its own thing



Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!