macgyver, Multimeter, part 2

MEP EP#326: The Infinite Finite Grid

Podcast Notes

PART 2 : Is there a macgyver way to measure voltage without a multimeter?

  • Lots of great suggestions in our slack channel
    • Recreating older devices before digital multimeters where available¬†
    • Galvanometer
    • Electrostatic Voltmeter
    • Most of these require lots of experimentation or other precision devices to calibrate
  • Let’s explore the electrolysis method further
    • Tools and measuring devices required
      • Watch / time keeping
      • Container of known volume
    • Materials
      • Distilled Water
    • Equations from Purdue
    • Amps & Time <-> Coulombs <-> Faradays <-> Moles of Electrons

Interesting EE homework question

  • Calculating actual component resistance by in circuit resistance measurements

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!