MEP EP#322: Measuring up Your Interview Questions

Podcast Notes

Previous Podcast where we discussed Engineering Resumes

Interviewer Questions and Techniques?

  • Stephen
    • Schematic PDF for the test
    • There is no output when a 10Vp-p signal is injected into the input. Turning the pot or applying a voltage to the input cv jack does not have any effect on the output. It is stuck at zero volts.
      • Alternate – What if the output was stuck at + or – 11V?
    • The output is stuck at unity gain. 10VPP in results in 10VPP out. The pot and CV controls do nothing to adjust the output level.
    • The unit seems to work for all controls other than the CV offset input. That seems to only be unipolar. Positive voltage does not have an effect but negative voltage does.
      • Hint: The output of U5.1 with zero volts in is reading zero volts.
      • Bonus – What is the input range for the cv input if the microprocessor has an input range of 3.3V?
    • The unit turns on and trips the constant current trigger on the power supply – What do you do?
    • What is the input impedance of both the signal input and the CV input?
      • What is the output impedance?
    • What is the purpose of C1, C2, and C3?
      • What is their cutoffs?
    • What does R2 do in this circuit?
  • Parker
    • Resume
    • Data Support Technicians
    • Test Engineers
    • Putting together test question / examples

PCB Ruler

  • Don’t want to do just a normal one
  • What do engineers actually want on these?

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!