MEP EP#321: What Engineer’s Seek

Podcast Notes

Comet Grounding

  • After over 7 years of sitting on the shelf I finally got the motivation to finish building the OD3 project.
  • The electronics and chassis are done
    • Finally got to test true star grounding
  • Episode 316 – Chunk 2 Chunk Current Returns
    • Results?
  • Building a wood enclosure right now
  • Need to design and finish the foot controller

Western Electric is looking to expand American tube production.

  • New sensor – Expo-pul facility in Saratov, Russia 
  • Western Electric in Rossville GA.
    • Looking to expand their offerings from just the 300B

Question that Parker was asked by the MacroFab sales team

  • Engineer’s and Sales never get along but
  • What can a salesperson say or do that will spark the interests of an engineer? 
  • Especially since they don’t like speaking to us, what would make the conversation more intriguing to them?

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!