Taiwan #1

MEP EP#312: Armchair Military Strategists

Podcast Notes

Destroy TSMC if China Invades, To Make Taiwan ‘unwantable’, Says US Military Paper

  • Link to article
  • Why? Destroy the economic and technological reason for China to want Taiwan
  • Military Paper written by Jared McKinney and Peter Harris
  • How do you keep a free Taiwan and not enter WWIII?
  • How would any invasion of Taiwan affect the already unstable global electronics supply chain
    • Fabless chip makers
      • Apple
      • AMD
      • Nvidia
      • Broadcomm
    • TSMC basically manufactures integrated circuits for almost every manufacturer

Mega Load Resistor

  • Stephen needs a dummy load for testing the output of amplifiers
  • 300W dissipation minimum
  • Multiple impedance taps – 2,4,8,16 ohm
  • Is it best to buy more lower watt resistors and spread them out or is it best to buy fewer larger ones?

Don’t Goop Your Electronics

  • Don’t try to obscure your design by putting smoo all over your PCB assembly
  • Your schematic and board layout are not your trade secrets

Golf Cart Project

  • Completed!
  • Added a “user” mode switch to switch between speed and throttle response settings
  • Had to lengthen the intermediate steering shaft length to prevent “loss of steering”

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!