MEP EP#302: A 1 Dollar Chips Matter

Podcast Notes


Thanks for everyone that donated and stopped by the live stream! We where able to raise over $5000 for the Texas Children Hospital Network!

Molex 217175-0001

  • Tasty Type-C connector
  • No data pins?
  • Only power and the CC pins for doing the Power Delivery handshake
  • Datasheet

Non FCC switcher?

  • ICL7660CBAZA-T Super Voltage Converters
  • Power Rail Flipper/Inverter
  • Charge pump voltage “flipper” uses only two capacitors
  • At an input voltage of 5V and an unloaded oscillator pin the switching frequency is 10khz
  • Reducing to less than 9khz only takes one capacitor
  • Price
    • Singles: $1.82
    • Bulk: $1

SMT Bench Equipment for Soldering

  • X-tronic 440 died now I need to replace!
  • Soldering Iron
    • Thermaltronics TMT-2000S-SM
    • Tips
      • S75LR018A
      • S75DS045
  • Hot Air
    • Quick 957DW+
  • Microscope
    • AmScope SM series
    • Get a 0.5x Barlow lens
  • Tweezer set
    • Non magnetic stainless steel is what you want
    • ESD?
    • Aven is a good brand
  • Snips/flush cutters
    • Hakko CHP-170 are king

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!