MEP EP#301: Crispy Currents

Podcast Notes


If you are currently enrolled in college we would love to chat with you. We have some ideas for future podcast content that you could perhaps help us with. Also, we would love to get to know our listeners more. If you have not already, please send a hello email to podcast@macrofab.com. Thanks to everyone who has reached out already.

On Nov 6th, Parker is doing a 24 hour video game stream for the Extra Life Charity which benefits the Texas Children Hospital network. Last year our listeners helped him raise $2600 and he is hoping to double that this year! You can donate through the Extra Life page here. Or just come hang out his personal twitch channel and chat. Will be playing from 8AM on Nov 6th till 8AM on Nov 7th.

Melted fuse Holder Revisit

  • Fuse holder on the electric fan power line melted… on the battery side *insert shock emoji*
  • EngineerBob from Slack/twitch chat bought the same kind of fuse holders and took one apart
  • Suspected it was not a bad crimp but the blade receptacle inside is flawed for higher currents
    • Connector is just flimsy brass and does not have the retainment force to handle high current
  • Some google fu searching and EngineerBob and I found a solution!
    • Delphi makes a fuse holder setup based on the Metri-Pack system
      • Delphi 12033731 black fuse cover
      • Metri-Pack 630 series connector
        • 20-18 AWG 12066681
        • 16-14 AWG 12033769
        • 12-10 AWG 12085030
      • Metri-Pack 630 series pull-to-seat female terminals
        • 20-18 AWG 12020516-L
        • 16-14 AWG 12066614-L
        • 12-10 AWG 12033997-L

Getting Signals Around the Board

  • DG series analog switches
  • Multi Channel (1 to 8) switches that handle high voltage (44v)
  • Easily controlled with TTL signals. Can be interfaced directly to a uC
  • Bi directional
  • Remove the need for mechanical solutions and greatly simplify routing
  • Resistance ON is something to look out for

The Engineering Mind?

  • Should we expect others to have it?
  • Problems in the workplace – how are they fixed?
  • What do you do when faced with a problem?
    • Hire engineers?
    • Get it done attitude?

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!