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MEP EP#3: Liquid Toroidal Electrons

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • Stephen and Parker have been testing the main opamp for the OPA541. Stephen wrote a blog post detailing the opamp tests with simulation and real world testing.
  • GitHub link to the repository for the SSPS.
  • Giant 200W 8Ohm resistor.
  • Liquid Cold Plate Heat Sinks for cooling the opamps in the SSPS.
  • Isolators for the opamps made out of Aluminum Oxide. Part no. 4180. They make Beryllium Oxide Ceramic isolators but not in the right size.
  • Antek transformers is the company that makes the Doughnut (Toroidal) Transformers Parker and Stephen are looking at.
  • Really neat Super Capacitor Flashflight.
  • A 30F 3V cap would weigh 5.685×10^-12 kg more fully charged vs discharged. It would take roughly 1.95 billion of these super caps to have a charge weight gain of 1 kg. Our pre-show calculations where wrong. Revised calculations below.
  • Carbon film capacitors sounds almost as cool as carbon nano tubes. If they can replace bypass caps it would make compact board layouts easier.
  • President Obama going to sign bill to combat chip piracy. FTDI rejoices?
  • Microchip releases the MPLAB Xpress which is cloud-based. Stephen is excited about a GUI interface that auto generates setup and register code.


F x V = C or Farads x Voltage = Coulombs
1 coulomb has 6.242×1018 electrons
1 electron weighs 9.109×10−31 kg
30F x 3V = 90 Coulombs
90C x 6.242×1018 x 9.109×10−31 = 5.117×10-10kg
1/(5.117-10kg) would give us 1,954,173,071 of these caps to reach 1kg of weight.

Figure 1: Dual Parallel OPA541 opamp breakout board Stephen designed.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!