MEP EP#296: IdeaFab – Does This Podcast Change The World?

Podcast Notes

The IdeaTank Podcast

Scott Hansen and Eric Benzenhoefer are idea men who, not humbly, seek to change the world through sharing their million dollar ideas, and humbly, seek to make a podcast talking about their ideas.

Previous Episodes With the IdeaTank Podcast

The Ideas

  • Eric Benzenhoefer
    • 5 Stars to a better tomorrow…
    • Going to perfect feedback!
  • Scott Hansen
    • I am going to send you, yes you, to space
  • Stephen Kraig
    • The college of Above Average Joes
  • Parker Dillmann
    • The Otter-Matic 2000
    • Friendcoin

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!