MEP EP#294: Twisted Pairs

Podcast Notes

USB vs Ethernet for Test Equipment? 

  • Ethernet comes with free isolation
  • No drivers required to get Ethernet working
  • USB is faster to get working depending on your network hacking skills
  • USB software stacks in test equipment are kinda hit or miss

How to make hardware work with Ethernet?

  • Still learning about this
  • Trying out Arduino -> Ethernet shields that use the Wiznet W5100
  • Managed to get a demo working with SCPI and the shield

Tag Connect : Edge-Connect

Bias test connector – OTC (one time connect)

  • PEM smtsss-4mm-6et solderable spring standoffs
  • Use in conjunction with through hole pogo pins
  • Just add holes and target points on main pcb and plug the connector in for access to the nets

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!