MEP EP#291: Vaporized Copper Stiction

Podcast Notes

Bias Test system update

  • Happy with the two A/D Converters. Got *all* channels running
  • Made a simple breakout board to be able to access all the pins easier
  • 16 pin IDC cable is holding up to 450V seemingly ok – real test will be with all signals
  • Resistor measurement was adjusted slightly
  • Checked against 4 multimeter and getting values “in range”
  • Next steps
    • Finish a first version of the arduino code
    • Merge the skipi communication with my code
    • Solder into an actual amp to get real world values
    • Schedule next python thing

Jiva Materials

  • “The World’s First Fully Recyclable PCB Substrate”
  • https://www.jivamaterials.com/
  • PCB board that when soaked in hot water starts to delaminate
    • Jiva is in the process of ensuring that Soluboard® is compatible with aqueous PCB fabrication processes. Jiva is also engineering Soluboard® to be resistant to high humidity environments.
  • No technical specifications yet
  • Circuits/metals are applied in traditional ways (plating and etching)

Relay Dissection 

  • Had a relay stick closed during some “experimenting”
  • Cut off the top to find out what happened

Fixing circuit boards

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!