MEP EP#290: Avoiding Bean Counters

Podcast Notes

BGA vs. QFP  – PCBA cost comparison

  • Inspired by Tim Jager on the slack channel
  • 48 pin QFP vs 56 pin BGA
  • Escaping the package
    • Layer count
    • Increase in PCB tolerances
    • Blind and buried vias required?
  • Inspection costs
    • Leaded packages like QFPs can easily be optically inspected
    • BGAs typically require X-ray
  • Tooling
    • BGAs typically require small paste apertures and might require more expensive coatings and stencils
    • Depending on lead spacing you may not need a stencil at your CM for a QFP


Using the MF platform to predict pricing

  • Napkin math your PCB assembly cost the “easy” way
  • Come up with a rough Bill of Materials
  • Draw up a quick board outline that might be the size you require
    • Enclosures dictate PCB sizes more often then not
  • Upload to the platform
    • Can change the bill of materials on the fly to make pricing considerations at prototype to high volume 
  • Ways to control pricing on your PCB Assembly

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!