MEP EP#284: Real Engineering for a Real Engineer

Podcast Notes

  • When to Schedule Python for Engineers Intro Stream?
    • This Saturday July 10 at 6PM central
    • Twitch URL for the stream
    • Overview of the Topics
      • Setting up a python environment on Windows PC
      • Python script talking to an embedded device over serial communication
      • Not a how to write python/code stream
      • Might get into Tkinter for GUI stuff
      • Embedded Device will be Arduino
      • SCPI to handle the coms
    • List of items
      • Arduino
      • Windows PC
      • PyCharm
  • PinoTaur Production Update
    • Production is going well, boards are slated to be completed soon
    • The Future of the Supply Chain
      • Finding part alts that work for you
      • Finding different temperature ranges, packages, and even packaging
  • Adventures in Plastic Injection Molding
    • We have reached 1 Mega presses
    • First analysis – Images below
    • All “failures” were due to test bed
    • Could probably go more than 1 million presses
      • Will repeat 3 or 4 more times
    • New batch of actuators due any day now
  • Finally Real Engineering
    • Ran into my very first honest to god Differential Equation…
    • Got around it with excel
    • To all college students – Do well but….
  • What is the most computational intensive work you have had to do on the job?





Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!

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