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MEP EP#276: Skippy Documentation

Podcast Notes

  • Fake LM338 Voltage Regulators?

    • X-RAY results
    • Should we Xray legit LM137 and see if the XRAY matches?
  • SCPI or Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments
    • IEEE 488.2-1987 
    • Send command strings over serial to configure and get results from test equipment
    • Test equipment mostly adhere to this with some weird gotchas
  • COM port snooper / sniffer?
    • Is there good software out there that can sniff the buffers / communication string between Windows and a hardware device? 
  • Is bad documentation worse than no documentation?
    • “With no documentation you know immediately you’re fucked.”
  • Bringing back the Tasty Chips segment – E-Z Hook Insulation Piercing Wire Clamp – 8507
    • Spring loaded clamp that has teeth
    • When you insert a wire the teeth slice into the insulation making contact
    • Datasheet specifications are interesting to say the least!
    • Max Current 1 AMP
    • Max Voltage 0 V ?!?
  • Covering the Amplifier
    • Update on Parker’s Amp “refinishing” project
  • Adventures in plastic molding
    • Getting custom actuator parts injection molded
    • First prototype parts got shot this week
    • What to expect
      • Provide model to company
      • Initial review
      • DFM report
      • Release for prototype
        • 5 to 6 weeks for the initial mold to be cut
        • Prototype units are shot and sent for approval
        • Second round of mold adjustments are cut – 2 weeks
        • Second prototype units are shot and sent for approval
        • Mold is sent to US
        • Production is run
      • Mold cost ~12k
        • Half up front
        • Remainder at time of delivery
        • Includes all DFM and both prototypes
    • Previous solution was about $35/unit
      • New solution with dome snap switches and injection molded plastic is about $23 to $27/unit

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!