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MEP EP#272: The Digital Mattress

Podcast Notes

  • Right To Repair
    • Ease of opening for repairs
      • This sounds great but I have some thoughts
      • Reason why phones are hard to open now
      • Security screws only keep out people that probably shouldn’t be opening the device anyways
      • Ultrasonic welding and potting? 
    • Access to manuals
      • What if repair manuals don’t exist for a product?
      • Small and medium volume products don’t have the revenue or volume to make this kind of documentation
    • Schematics, Circuit Diagrams, and Firmware Accessible
      • What if the schematic is the secret sauce?
      • Schematics are easily reverse engineered from a PCB assembly.
      • What mechanics will be put in place to prevent cloning?
    • Hardware Vs Software
    • Tesla
    • License
      • Make all contracts clearly identify which elements of the machine are not included in the sale
      • Do not allow companies to create contract language (End User License Agreements) that modify or limit support options in the future
        • Most of the problems the Right to Repair movement wants to fix could be solved here
        • If this was more upfront to customers then they could make a better purchasing decision
    • Parts and Tools
      • Make service parts and tools available at non-discriminatory pricing to equipment owners and third parties.
    • Design
      • Integrate Design for Repair principles into eco-design product design practices.
      • DFR – Design for Recycle
      • Right to Repair VS Right to be Repaired
      • It’s easy to say we should have a right to repair something but is it OK to force companies to make something repairable?
  • NFTs
    • WUT?
    • Non Fungible Token

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!