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MEP EP#269: Illuminati Moment

Podcast Notes

  • Fan controller for Jeep
    • MCU
      • P/N: G80F960AP
      • 8051 core Chinese Generic MCU
    • Override signal passes through a diode then pulled up with a 10K to 5.0V
    • Diode to prevent back feeding voltage if you slap 12V onto it  
    • Mosfet inverter as the fix!
  • PinoTaur REV 4 has Arrived!
    • Goes into final testing for production certification!
    • RGB LED boards testing
  • Mind the details – Cross talk
    • Actually ran into this as a unique problem
    • Those values in datasheets can creep up
    • Beat head on table trying to figure it out
  • How long is it reasonable for a project owner to support their open source design?
    • 10 years?
  • More Automotive Woes
    • 2/3rds of the facility was dedicated to automotive parts
    • Toyota and Tesla affected


Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!