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MEP EP#268: Avoid The Extremes

Podcast Notes

  • Fan controller for Jeep
    • Brushless fan temperature controller
    • Nothing fancy but the “override” signal is ground triggered!
    • Will have to invert the A/C compressor signal with a relay
  • Controlling PCB cost
    • What are the knobs that can be turned to adjust the cost of the PCB itself?
    • The easy ones
      • Size (not necessarily rectangle)
      • Panelization
      • Base material
      • TG ratings – The glass transition temperature
      • FR4
      • Trace/Space
      • Minimum hole size
      • Mask Color
      • Surface finish
      • Copper weight
    • Not as easy ones
      • Vias
        • Tented
        • Plugged
        • Blind
        • Buried
  • Digikey’s Latest Innovation
    • Information printed on the backside of cut tape
    • 8mm tape

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!