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MEP EP#267: Honey, I Shrunk The Parts

Podcast Notes

  • Tradeoffs on component sizes
    • “World’s Smallest” Claims Can Come With Trade-Offs
    • Design and Production considerations when going small
      • Different PCB Design Rule Checks
      • PCB pricing
      • Via in Pad
      • Escaping Components
      • Silkscreen
        • Part placements
        • Assembly documents
      • Tooling
        • Paste Jetter
        • Stencil coatings
  • STICKERS/Labels for products
    • Find out what label printers your CM is using
    • Consumable items
    • Label Material
    • Location! Location! Location!
    • Printing Instructions and Information
    • Databases
  • Low frequency Network analyzer
    • Perhaps I am looking for the wrong thing but I can’t seem to find what I want
    • 1hz to 100khz range
    • Can always do it manually but damn is it slow
    • Tsunami – this is *almost* what I want but not really good enough
    • I want to design one but no…..

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!