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MEP EP#264: Electronic Wear Items

Podcast Notes

    • Wear items on cars are designed to be “easily” serviced
      • Is this just a cop out to avoid warranty issues and recall problems?
    • If the EMMC is a wear item it should have a recommended service interval but it does not
    • Derek Fronek from the slack channel:
      • “So it finally happened…. after all these years of using SD cards on pi’s ive never had an SD card fail on me, until today…….”
  • Resealing 12oz cans?
    • 3D printed a sealing cap that screws onto a Yeti can insulator
    • Testing it out over the weekend
    • The chip shortages we have been talking about? GM expects it to get worse.
    • Ford cutting Pick Up Truck production! 
    • Shortage could lower Ford’s earnings in 2021 by $2.5 Billion
    • Suppliers are saying by mid June they will be caught up
  • PinoTaur REV 4 Prototype ordered
    • Relay part number: G2RG-2A-X DC12
    • Changing current sense IC to a higher rated one for the 50V DC line
    • Added a second RGB channel for the serial LEDs
  • Digi-Key Elimination Search
  • Coolio Opamp
    • TLV915x
    • $0.512 in 1k qty from TI
    • 125uV offset
    • 16V
    • Rail to rail
  • Parallax Prop 2 exists! 
    • Parker has a development board now



Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!