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MEP EP#255: Fifth Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special – Neo Jedi

Podcast Notes


  • SPACE TRASH in Star Wars
    • Recently ESA commissioned the world’s first space debris removal
      • ClearSpace-1 which will launch in 2025
    • Would space trash be a concern for the galaxy far far away?
    • I don’t think the Empire cares all too much about space garbage since they just jettison everything before jumping to hyperspace as seen in Empires Strikes Back.
    • If it was merely a case of if space was just big enough that dumping trash didn’t matter then this wouldn’t be a problem. The universe is “infinite” thus infinite space for GARBAGE!
      • Maybe space trash ends up collecting into large space planets of trash like the floating trash islands on Earth’s oceans. 
    • But what about dumping space trash near populated planets like Coruscant?
      • Or near hyperspace lanes near planets? Slam into the space garage!
      • An array of garage would probably be just as dangerous to fly though as the Asteroid Field in Empires.
    • In the legends or non canon StarWars literature you have the Squibs
      • The imperials provided Squib salvage vessels with the locations of Imperial dumpsites so it can be collected
  • Traveling through the planets CORE
    • Boss Nass sends our heroes through the core of Naboo as it is the fastest way to get to the other side of the planet with the Trade Federation on the surface
    • Could there be a water filled tunnel through the core of a planet to facilitate faster travel? Better call Elon and the Boring Company
    • Limit on the depth of a liquid water ocean?
      • Phase change diagram of water
      • Liquid water transforms to solid ice around 92000 psi 
      • At a depth of 1200 miles the weight of the water would turn the water into solid ice given the specifications of an Earth size planet. Deepest point on Earth is 6.8 miles so James Cameron has a bit of ways to go
      • Naboo has a radius of 7456 miles so water would pressure solid if Naboo was a “water core” world
        • If Naboo was a molten core then the core would need to be around 1400 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the water from going solid. Dunno if the Bongo could survive that temperature?


  • Star wars and the matrix are the same universe
    • Long long time ago in a galaxy….
    • Perhaps a different version of matrix
      • In the matrix revolutions and the matrix reloaded
      • 6 different versions of the matrix before they landed on 1999
    • Faster than light travel
    • Fundamental forces different
    • The force is a glitch?
      • Ancient religion – this was a method of understanding
      • People could openly demonstrate their “force” because it had a religious aspect to it.
      • The matrix was ok with this because it still kept the farce
    • Neo
      • Neo exhibits all of the same characteristics of a jedi
        • Quick reaction
        • Almost aware of the future
        • In touch with surroundings
        • Ability to modify environment
      • Neo is a jedi – a “neo jedi”
      • This force is just the manipulation of the underlying code
      • Original jedi could have played along because that is what society could handle
  • Amban phase-pulse blaster

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!