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MEP EP#254: Ridiculous Relay Ratings

Podcast Notes


  • PinoTaur updates REV 4
    • Automotive relays are not certified to run at the voltages we need
      • G2RL-1A-E-CV DC12
        • Max voltage rating is 300VDC
        • “Rated” current is 24VDC at 16A
      • G2RG-2A-X DC12
        • Rated at 500VDC at 10A
      • Looking at other relays used for this purpose in production machines… Am I missing something in choosing the correct relay?
    • RGB Light string split into two
      • Power current is the reason
  • Foxconn Electronics hit by Ransomware
    • $34 million ransomware attack
    • Stole 100 GB of unencrypted files, and deleted 20-30 TB of backups.
  • Bike rack as an inductor?
    • Other normal items that could be seen/used as a electrical components


  • The FX Dev board returns
    • 2 versions of the fx dev board now exist
      • ProtoBoard
      • Protis 1
      • Both look like they ditched my ac power supply for a charge pump design
        • Protoboard uses TC1044SCPA
        • Charge pump to create a -9V from a +9V
        • Not sure what Protis uses but it is likely similar
        • FCC was a very big reason why I opted to do this
        • Negative Voltage Inverter
      • Both opted to not do the integrated soldered breadboard
        • This was the reason the FX dev board existed!
        • This helped make things very clean
  • Roz Xmas gift

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!