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MEP EP#251: Loopholes or Equivalent

Podcast Notes


  • Wiring Harness update
    • Wire Jacket Temperature rating 
    • Wire strandedness or number of strands
    • Labeling Requirements?
    • Treatment to pigtail end
    • RoHs?
  • The Untold Story Of The Bug That Almost Sank The Dreamcast’s North American Launch
    • Audio IC hardware layout problem
    • Floating input pin causing the IC to flip into MIDI mode and crash the software
  • BL6: The Coolest* Console Ever
    • Video game console that is supposed to look like a 6 pack of beer
    • Has two chilled spots that actively cool the beverages 
    • Six built in games like: Tekken7, SOUL CALIBUR VI and R.B.I Baseball 20
  • Ben Jordan of Autodesk will be a guest on the podcast
    • Product manager and is responsible for the EAGLE product
    • Get your Eagle questions in early!


  • Adventures in Rpi 4
    • Did not get ERPnext running on the pi but I did dump about 10 to 15 hours into playing with the pi
    • Need to do something with it
    • ERPnext is pretty cool
      • Check it out if you have the need to control a whole business
      • Revisioning….
  • Repairs
    • Roland TR-606 drum matrix
      • Super impressive through hole stackup
      • Compact Battery powered
      • Everything triggers together
      • Some kind of bus issue
      • Schematic
    • Korg Poly Six
      • Just doing some cleanup and recal
      • Last page – random writing and some phone numbers – love it

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!