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MEP EP#249: How Soft Are Your Diodes?

Podcast Notes


  • Signed up for the EXTRA LIFE charity this year to raise money for the Texas Children’s Hospital
    • This Saturday (Nov 7th) Parker will be broadcasting a 24 hour video game stream
    • Will be playing the Half-Life 2 video game all the way through
      • This includes the two episode expansions to the base campaign
      • Difficulty level will be set to ‘Hard’ and I will be attempting to unlock all the achievements at the same time.
    • Donations are tax-deductible and 100% of it goes to the hospital
    • Learning some javascript to build plugins for the stream
  • PinoTaur REV3 has gone gold
    • Added more current sensing
    • Changed Relay to a socketed relay type
      • ISO micro relays type
    • On PCB flyback diodes for coils
      • MRA4004
    • Relay is driven by both the MCU and the Fault pin on the high current sensing IC
  • Walmart fires store robots
    • Saw improvements in inventory control with the robots, but not enough of an improvement in revenues and other measures.  
    • One premise is that stores will sell more goods if the shelves are stocked and wanted items are made available


  • How soft are your diodes?
    • Softness factor – a definition of the reverse current characteristic
    • Ta = time when charge from depletion region is removed
    • Tb = time when charge from semiconductor region is removed
    • S-factor = tb/ta
      • S-factor = unity = soft recovery
      • S-factor unity = fast or snappy-recovery
    • General purpose/fast recovery (FRED diodes)
  • The SSPS?
    • @zane is going back and listening to episode 1
    • What was the SSPS?
      • What were the specifications????
      • Where did we leave off

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!