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MEP EP#243: Schematics and Connectors, Name a More Iconic Duo…

Podcast Notes



  • Connectors on schematics
    • Rfdave on slack channel asked a question about this
      • Am I the only person who hates a schematic consisting of 1 connector, 2 IC’s, 4 bypass caps with all of the interconnects being done with net names, and no interconnecting wires?
    • Currently working on a design that has multiple boards with cable interconnects
    • How do you like to show this?
    • Reference Designator?
  • Potentiometer board – one board to rule them all
    • Using slots to make panel mount “solder lug” potentiometers into pcb mount
      • Not a lot of values in each taper is available in a through hole version
      • This means a lot less wiring is required.
      • EDA schematic and grounding


Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!