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MEP EP#24: Pokey Datasheets and Incognito Arduinos

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Runtime: (36:01)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • Parker and Stephen have been working on the Super Simple Power Supply. Parker has the test panel done and working. See Figure 1. Stephen has the Analog “Energon Cube” PCB made. See Figure 2. Should be working by next weeks podcast.
  • The datasheet for the VFD display Parker is using has an ambiguous pinout for the serial interface. Part number CU16025-UW6J. Parker had to bridge some wires to fix the problem.
  • The entire front panel for the SSPS will draw roughly 60W of power. Will have to have its own transformer inside to power it.
  • Stephen is writing a series of BGA footprint and layout articles. Check out the first one.
  • Another datasheet rant. This time about the FX Dev boards breadboards. There was a critical dimension that was 1mm off. 1.54mm VS 2.54mm. See Figure 3.
  • Parker has been working on USB Type C. Will be writing a couple articles in the future about his findings. Parker made a test dev board to experiment on the Type C connector.
  • Intersel made a really interesting buck boost battery charger IC that is perfect for USB Type C Power Delivery. Can boost 5V and buck 12V and 20V to charge a lithium battery pack. Part number is ISL9237 and Parker wants to get his hands on it to make a battery pack for his phone.
  • Pokemon GO goes without saying that it was a huge hit. Sparkfun has a project to build your own Pokédex that has a battery backup to keep you going to catch ’em all.
  • Mike of the Useless Duck Company built an Arduino powered door lock that is activated by opening an incognito window in Chrome on his desktop. He says he uses it for “shopping”.

PCB Test Jig
Figure 1: The Front Panel test board for the SSPS. Much working. Very wire bodge. Such bright LEDs.

PCB Test Jig
Figure 2: Stephens SSPS Analog PCB for the Energon Cube.

PCB Test Jig
Figure 3: The corrected datasheet for the breadboards that are being used for the FX Dev board.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro theme!