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MEP EP#236: Excited Electrons

Podcast Notes


  • Lead Forming Topic
    • Tools
    • 3D printed forms
    • Best practices?
  • Cat Feeder Unreminder
    • Choosing a solar panel
      • Solar Panels generally act like a current source across its useable power band
    • Specifications that are important
      • Power (Watts) – Max 
      • Current @ Peak Power 
      • Voltage @ maximum power point (Vmpp)
      • Vmpp – Voltage @ open circuit (Voc)
    • AEM10941 Solar Panel Chip
      • Max V is 5V so open circuit can’t be higher then this
      • MPP is set by 2 configuration pins
      • Ratio between Vmpp / Voc


  • Voltage References and dev boards
    • MCP1501T-20E/CHY
      • 0.1% initial Accuracy
      • Low noise
      • worst case 50ppm across -40 to +125
      • Capable of sinking and sourcing 20mA
    • AD584 Dev board
      • 0.3% initial accuracy for the J version. The K version is 0.1%
  • Linear rail is shitty
    • Got 300 mm of knock off chineasium linear rail
    • Sounds like sand in the bearings
    • Held vertically the blocks get stuck…

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!