MEP EP#23: Interview with Ben Heck of The Ben Heck Show

Podcast Notes

  • Dactyl Nightmare –  One of the first demonstrations of virtual reality used in a video game at the mall of America in the early 90s.
  • Sony/Nintendo Console – Before Sony created the Playstation, they had partnered with Nintendo to create a SNES console. The Ben Heck show has a tear down of the device.
  • SNES Star Fox VoicesBen shows us his excellent talent of emulating the voices of the characters from the Super Nintendo Star Fox game.
  • Parker and Ben tell the story of how they met at the Midwest Gaming Classic.
  • Pinheck System – Parker and Ben discuss in detail the design of the Pinheck Pinball System. This control system is used in the America’s most haunted pinball maching made by Spooky Pinball.
  • We determined that the Parallax Propeller utilizes the Von Neumann architecture as opposed to the Harvard architecture for its program memory.
  • Adafruit recently had an interview with Matt Berggren, the director of Autodesk circuits, to talk about the future of Eagle. The interview can be found here.
  • Mega Processor – A massive, discrete-level processor designed by James Newman which uses over 42,000 transistors is finally complete. His project can be found here.
  • A clone of the Apollo Guidance computer, the computer that brought astronauts to the moon and back, has been built by John Pultorak.  Schematics can be found here.

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Runtime: (60:04)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

Benjamin Heckendorn

Ben and Parker
Figure 1: Ben and Parker enjoying their time off.

Figure 2: Pinheck pinball machine PCB. Designed by Parker and Ben.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro theme!