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MEP EP#223: The Inverted Success Funnel – IdeaFab

Podcast Notes

The Idea Tank Podcast

  • Scott Hansen and Eric Benzenhoefer are idea men who, not humbly, seek to change the world through sharing their million dollar ideas, and humbly, seek to make a podcast talking about their idea

  • Scott and Eric where last seen on the MEP on Episode 77: The IdeaFab Podcast

The Ideas

  • King…or Queen… of Cooking
    • Saving the restaurant industry
    • Allow entry level chiefs compete in restaurants
  • Big Brother Brands
    • You already have a gig job and you should be earning money
    • TVs are subsidized by selling your data to marketing companies
    • You should get that money instead!
  • Go Aw-ai
    • An automated texting service for continuing conversations that you no longer want to have
    • Measures and records all of your other conversations and gives appropriate responses
  • DMPR.io
    • The #1 app for those going #2. 
    • Chat/dating with other dmprs
    • Yelp for bathrooms
    • What is the closest bathroom


Eric and Scott of the Idea Tank Podcast.

Eric and Scott of the Idea Tank Podcast.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!