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MEP EP#216: I’d Buy That For Five Dollars

Podcast Notes


  • Python PDF
    • Looked at peoples suggestions and none really did what I needed
    • FPDF will do for now since I have made a template already
    • Most suggestions are building HTML then converting to PDF which is fine but not really a good solution
  • Zebra Printers
    • ZPL or Zebra Programming Language
      • ZT230 
      • ZD420
    • My process so far for making a ZPL webapp thingy
      • Zebra Designer 3 for Developers
        • Makes the Template
        • Push Template over to printer
        • Use Variables for fields you want to “input”
      • Zebra Setup Utilities
        • Allows talking to the printer easily 
      • Zebra Browser Print SDK
        • Makes a USB bridge to a local web server
      • Web Server for Chrome
        • Used to point to where your application is at
      • Application is written in Javascript


  • CNC is fully functional!

    • Calibrated the three axis
      • Ran cable “tubes”
      • Set up spindle control
      • Table surfacing
        • 4 flute
        • 2&1/32 in diameter surfacing bit
        • 12,000 RPM
        • 100ipm
        • 0.005-0.01 DOC
    • Pages 10-12
    • VFD cables are to have the shield (screen) connected at both ends
    • This is an impedance thing
    • Shield should be at least 80% coverage
    • Foil and braid is best but most expensive typically

Rapid Fire Opinion


Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!