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MEP EP#204: Forth Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special – C3PO Steals the Show

Podcast Notes

Spoiler Alert:  This podcast contains HEAVY SPOILERS for Star Wars Episode 9 and The Madalorian series up to Episode 7. If you do not want spoilers turn back now.

Josh Rozier

  • By day, Roz is a spreadsheet slinger for the Umbrella Corporation
  • When he is not wasting way too much time playing Star Wars RPG with your gracious hosts, he is typically doing his best not to burn down his shed with whatever project his ADHD allows him to focus on


  • From 9 to 5 Hyr0n is security researcher, systems engineer, and corporate advisor of First Order security policy via Corellian power points
  • From 5 to 9 he is a hardware hacker, designer of AND!XOR embedded system puzzles, and Shyriiwookian voice over of droid holiday VR porn


  • Episode 9 Thoughts
    • This became the majority of the podcast somehow
  • Why does it seem that all the power in the ship flows through the control panels? 
    • When ships get damaged, control panels explode
      • This is more obvious in Star Trek if anything
    • Lack of proper human to machine isolation
    • Poor supply chain risk management
  • Hardware hacking C3-PO
  • Does StarWars have HeathKits for droids?
    • Anakin supposedly built C3PO but there are lots of protocol droids like him so is C3PO a kit?
    • C3PO is a protocol Droid, essentially a logic analyzer with ML
  • The Mandalorian
    • What are your thoughts so far (Storyline, length, fan service)?
    • IG11 vs IG88
    • Fan Service Differences
    • Thoughts on manufacturing Mandalorian Armor
    • Mando Rifle Scope
  • Data Pad Security
    • Resistance Reborn book
    • New Disney EU meant to bridge EP8 and EP9
  • The Energy of a Lightsaber
    • How much total energy does the power source in the hilt need to hold?
    • How fast does the energy need to be delivered (what is the wattage)?
    • What is the total energy needed to cut darth maul in half?

Mandalorian scope calculations from Hyr0n.

Mandalorian scope calculations from Hyr0n.


Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!