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MEP EP#202: Not Into The Meat Loaf

Podcast Notes


  • PinoTaur Revision 2 is ordered!
    • Should be ready early January
    • Cable construction and design
  • Electrical Components where do they come from?
    • COO or Country Of Origin
    • Mouser has a new API
    • Arrow has an API but…
  • Brewery Update
    • Electrical box needs wire management
    • Majority of the fittings arrived
    • Tube straightner
    • Parker’s house will end up being half tools and half projects


  • SMPS design with polygons
    • Another Ti Webench design to the rescue!
    • 12V down to 3.3V
    • Need to test the temperature performance
    • Power up testing – overshoot?
    • Watch out for clearances between components with PCB manufacturers
  • JLC PCB multiple design requirements?
    • Learn more is blank…


Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!