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MEP EP#200: Rotary Alarm System

Podcast Notes


  • Air Raid Siren Completed
  • Working on the power sub system for a D.C. Badge
    • Based on the successful DOOM SAO power system
    • USB Type-C for “cable” power
    • 5.1K on both CC pins
      • Gives us 1.5A at 5V which is plenty of juice
    • Alkaline Primary Cells
    • TPS2113 for switching between cable power and the batteries
    • SAO connector implementation with proper current limiting
    • Gonna try a small little buck switcher
      • TLV62568 to knock the USB and battery voltage down to the 3.3V we need.
    • Going to design a lithium powered version that can recharge over the Type-C
  • Brewery Building is next project
  • MacroFab has guided tours in the platform. Let me know how they work.


  • Multi Layer PCB
    • Finishing up a 6 layer PCB with mixed signal
      • Top
      • GND
      • Inner1
      • POWER
      • POWER
      • Bot
  • Multi Transformer solution for preamp power supply
    • Should I just go with my already proven SMPS instead?



Parker's Air Raid Siren he 3D printed for making noise at the office...

Parker’s Air Raid Siren he 3D printed for making noise at the office…

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!